Western 1849 Reloaded Review

By Jess Lishman May 23, 2017

  1. Jess Lishman

    Jess Lishman Member Writer Editor


    This third person shooting gallery from Nawia Games is a competently put together title featuring simple but well functioning gameplay. Western 1849 Reloaded offers short bursts of entertainment and some varying levels of difficulty as well as unlock-able content and upgrades. There is little to really keep the player engaged for extended periods of time and it feels very much like a flash game, but it functions as intended and provides an expected amount of content and re-playability for it’s price tag.
    The game has a very basic premise. You are tasked with defending a town from waves of bandits. The first level you are able to play features two locations with three waves of bandits. You are able to shoot them with a pistol, shoot the stronger ones with a rifle or throw dynamite at them, of which there is a limited supply. After each wave you are offered a choice of three cards that will give you different bonuses in the next wave. Picking one allows you to use that passive or active bonus and increases your damage output or survivability depending on which perk you have selected. The combat consists of moving your character between a small number of pieces of cover and taking out the enemies by shooting over cover and attempting not to get shot yourself. If you lose all your health you can revive with the coins you obtain from having done the level previously, however if you don’t have enough coins then naturally you can’t revive and the level will end.

    Doing this level on easy difficulty is indeed easy. Doing this level on medium is where it starts to fall short. On Easy each enemy takes roughly one headshot with the appropriate weapon, but on Medium it can take 3 or 4. This makes playing through the medium difficulty significantly harder than easy and it is likely boredom will cause you to quit before death does. With some perseverance the Medium difficulty is entirely manageable and can be completed, but it is not an interesting experience. Gaining enough revives to potentially be able to complete medium difficulty without issue involves either repeating the easy difficulty a few times or grinding through the medium difficulty and allowing your character to die each time he faces his first death. Neither of these options are interesting to do.

    Visually the game is fairly basic. Everything is well put together but nothing fantastically exciting or special. The graphical style certainly gives off the wild west feel but there is no additional flair in the art style and overall it can simply be described as be adequate. The colour scheme does work well with the feel of the game, with no bright colours anywhere during the levels, but then this is expected from a game based in the wild west.

    The sound design is fairly irritating. Character voices become annoying after a very short while although the general environmental sounds are reasonable and nowhere near as intrusive as the extremely short list of dialogue sentences from the bandits. The music is fairly stereo typically wild western, with the necessary guitar riffs making their appearances as the level plays out. Again, much like the rest of the game the music is fine, but it’s not really that interesting and doesn’t add anything extra to the overall feel of the game.

    Western 1849 Reloaded is not a bad game by any means, but it does have extremely minimal content and scope for enjoyability. Despite the low price tag it’s still difficult to fully recommend the game simply because there is perhaps an hours worth of potential player enjoyment to be found in the game, and for many people even that may be something of an overstatement.



    Well functioning gameplay
    Potentially interesting mechanics
    Easy to pick up
    Gets boring quickly
    Annoying character dialogue
    Limited replayability

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