Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!

By Jess Lishman Jan 23, 2018

  1. Jess Lishman

    Jess Lishman Member Writer Editor

    This intriguing creation from Daylight Studios, the developer behind Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop!? And Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space, adds another title into the already existing pile of quirkiness from this particular developer. Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! Offers an amusing concept with some bare bones gameplay that sufficiently entertains for short periods of time, but certainly doesn’t seem like an experience to grip the player for lengthy amounts of time.

    Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! Is based on you being a memory loss victim in literal hells kitchen. You and all the inhabitants of your world are potatoes, which obviously means that your job in hell involves cooking up the sinners of your world in various different ways and feeding the resulting potatoey dishes to gods. It’s just natural really.

    You are tasked with processing the sinners you get sent by putting them into the best cooking machine for the level of sin they have committed. You have four machines to begin with and each machine is better at processing a different sin. Each sinning potato that comes down has different levels of sin and you must decide which machine to put them in, usually basing your judgement on which sin has the highest number. Once these evil potato people have been processed they are added to your ingredients pool, with different sins producing different types of potato that allow you to make a variety of potato-based culinary creations.

    You cook different dishes according to what the various gods who pass through your restaurant demand. Cooking the food they want within the time limits allows you to earn favour points with the gods which can be spent on various upgrades to your cooking stations and culinary abilities. Keeping in good favour with gods keeps them in your customer pool and you obtain new gods as customers when you progress through the circles of hell.

    The gameplay has a number of elements to it but it doesn’t offer anything particularly fresh as you progress. Some new mechanics are introduced, but nothing that actually spices up the game away from the premise of the basic formula. Simple to learn and get the hang of but frustrating as you start to progress. There is nothing hooking you in and although the dialogue is funny and the concept behind the game is amusing, that’s about as far as it stretches. Holy Potatoes! Becomes fairly uninteresting relatively quickly with the gameplay becoming harder with no real incentive or feeling of reward. Fun for a little while but not something that really draws you back in for continued play sessions.

    Visually, Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! Is great. Its art style reflects the quirky, comedic approach. The graphics are simplistic and cartoony but this works perfectly with the games ridiculous setting and enhances the sheer bizarreness of the situation you find yourself in. Plenty of vibrant, primary colours add into the pool of madness and further develops the wacky feel of the game.

    A light and sufficiently enjoyable soundtrack is featured in the game. The sound design overall is well put together and works nicely with the non-serious outlook presented in the general experience.

    Daylight Studios have produced a game that is in a very similar vein to their two other titles but doesn’t quite hold the same level of charm. A formula that has been pushed a bit too far perhaps? Enjoyable for potentially an hour of playtime, but even at its relatively low price tag, it’s still difficult to recommend this game due to the small amount of time most people will be likely to play it for.



    Funny scripting
    Amusing to play
    Easy to learn
    Lack of replayability
    Very simplistic game concepts
    Becomes boring relatively quickly

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