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Mr. Nibbles Forever is an animated platformer with a hamster protagonist that you have to attempt to keep alive. That is really the best description that can be given for this game.

There is no story; there isn’t even a prologue of some sort at the beginning of the game to give any information about your hamster character. Nor is there any reasoning given for why this hamster is risking life and limb or what his end destination is. While a game does not necessarily require an in depth story to be entertaining, in this case some form of story is needed as an enticement to keep playing.

Misfits Attic's game, Duskers, provides a unique and interesting experience. You are placed in command of a small fleet of salvage drones who make their home in the vast and empty chasm of space. The universe appears derelict and lifeless and you do not know why.

With the initial objective of navigating your spaceship to derelict ships floating in the void and investigating their remains for salvage, fuel and other useful bits and pieces, you set out on your first mission and begin to gather the things you need to survive. The wider aim of the game is to piece together how the universe became the way it is as you travel through the desolate cosmos.
VA-11 Hall-A puts you in the shoes of a young female bartender in a cyberpunk world where AI controlled prostitute robots and talking dogs exist and frequent your place of business discussing everything from world events to whether assassination is a hard day job.

When you think cRPG's you probably think of the classics like Baulder's Gate or Icewind Dale. Perhaps you think of newer cRPG's like Pillars of Eternity or Divinity: Original Sin.

However there are a whole world of classic style RPG's out there that you may have not heard of. Here are 5 you should check out.
Valerie Anne Gives us her first impressions of the game Heroes of Yggdrasil by PartyQuest Studio.

"I really enjoyed the game: the controls are straight forward, the graphics are right up my alley with the 8bit-looking era, and the music is really good..."

Dark Amber Softworks were good enough to answer a few of our questions about their title, Avenging Angel.

For those people that are not familiar with the game, could you give us a brief synopsis of what it's all about?

Well, there is no short answer to that! Avenging Angel combines the time tested and familiar FPS dynamics with a deep story layer and RPG elements. The player character is an “Associate of the Inventors Guild”, which in short is essentially freelancer, doing odd jobs around the game world. The story takes place 10000 years from our day and age in the fictional Northern City States. Much of the world has turned into infertile wasteland and no-one seems to remember why. Fossil based fuels are long gone and societies have started using steam-based applications.

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