5 cRPG's You Should Check Out

By Jason Street Jun 16, 2016

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    When you think cRPG's you probably think of the classics like Baulder's Gate or Icewind Dale. Perhaps you think of newer cRPG's like Pillars of Eternity or Divinity: Original Sin.

    However there are a whole world of classic style RPG's out there that you may have not heard of. Here are 5 you should check out.

    1. Balrum


    Balrum is a curious beast. You start as a an unassuming son of a craftsman in a small medieval style village. You proceed to perform what at first appearances are rather mundane quests like pick some vegetables or fetch x, y and z. But in that mundaneness emerges a compelling cRPG that expertly opens the world to you piece by piece. The pace is slow, but that makes you all the hungrier for what might be on the other side of this or that skill or map area.

    The crafting side of things is extensive and includes the ability to create your own house, farms, animals and more.

    All in all, Balrum is a great kick back and just explore kind of game that you should take a look at.

    2. Underrail


    Underrail is set in a cyberpunk sci-fi style of world that focuses on combat over story. The pixel art graphics are easy on the eye and the art style itself draws you into it's underworld grit. And I mean underworld in the literal sense, as the whole of humanity is forced to live underground due to the destruction of the overworld.

    As mentioned Underrail is all about the combat, and uses a grid based system to duke it out. The weapons are many and varied, as are the classes you can play which in turn means loads of skills available to the player. All this wraps up into the ability to produce highly customised characters.

    3. Serpent in the Staglands


    The strength of Serpent in the Staglands lies in it's difficulty. And difficult it is, where even low level bandits can wipe your party. Your companions experience perma death when killed and you as a player have the ability to kill anything and everything, including NPC's.

    Even the magic system is difficult with some spells requiring the player to type out the spell and the name of the enemy being targeted. Curiously, the magic system does not rely on spell points or mana, but instead casting time varies from spell to spell with items that give you the ability to shorten it.

    The game is also full of puzzles, so if you are a fan of in game puzzles this game is for you.

    4. Konung 2


    Initially Konung 2 seems like a game to pass over as there is no in game tutorial, however with persistence this open world game can offer some interesting gameplay.

    Konung 2's point of interest is helping villages empower themselves to protect their property from bandits. For example you can send villagers off for training to improve their blacksmithing skills and make better weapons for the village. You also build things for the villages like shipyards, barracks etc and find people to fill the roles required for each one.

    5. Eschalon: Book I, Book II & Book III


    This one is really 3 games, but they make up a whole so here they are. Although criticized for it's slow gameplay, Eschalon offers depth in storytelling and world lore that is not often seen.

    The game's combat is turn based and stat heavy and the player controls a single character, roaming the world looking for adventures the player wouldn't be astray thinking of the older Ultima games.
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